Adjusting Your Attitude Gets Results:

What drives us to overeat are feelings. “I need it,” “I must have it,” “it will make me feel better.” Diets don’t stop feelings. Feelings will always overcome logic as they are much more powerful, so we have to change the feelings.

By changing the feelings around food and the association certain foods have, those foods will cease to interest you. The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference – you can become indifferent and uninterested by the very foods that used to run you. You can have a normal relationship with food and a normal body weight for good.

You were born able to leave food, able to say no to it, able to stop as soon as you felt full (you can never make a baby eat) regaining that ability is exciting and liberating.

Go to a children’s party there will always be plates of food left. Half eaten sandwiches, cakes, chips etc. Even when you give a small child an ice cream, they will hand it back when they have had enough.

You did this once. You probably don’t remember, but you did. You came into the world with normal eating habits, free from addictions to sugar, fast food, junk food, sweets and crisps and free from overeating. By being made to finish everything, by being rewarded and consoled with food and by eating wrong food types you have established negative patterns.

When you question belief, you start to doubt it. Look at your beliefs – EG: “Everyone in my family is overweight.” – “Diets don’t work for me.” – “I have big bones.” – “My metabolism doesn’t work properly.” – “I’ve tried but I just can’t lose weight.”

Very rarely are these true, but if you continue to talk about yourself like this then you are continuing to be part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

Our beliefs affect the physiological processes in our bodies. Every thought we think creates a physical change in our bodies.

Using the method of Rapid Transformational Therapy you can learn to change the images, words and beliefs you run in your head and how this in turn is going to change your body and your entire relationship with food.

Warm slim wishes


Founder: Mind Mend