Beginners Guide:  Today’s New Meditators:

Meditation has come a long way from the days when guru’s isolated themselves in caves and meditated for weeks on end. In this modern world there are not many people who have a spare couple of hours let alone weeks or days even. That is why the practice of meditation has also become modernised, there are many forms and techniques available now and that is a great thing.

There is new scientific studies being released frequently on the benefits of meditation, it is really on trend.

The reason being, meditation is a powerful tool that can be used by anybody and everybody to gain clarity and perspective on who you truly are.  It is a very effective technique for improving your life on so many fronts. It can help you when dealing with day to day situations; communication, relationships, happiness, stress, physical wellness, sleep; the list is endless. Many meditators feel more connected, more intuitive and more compassionate. When you tap into your own truth you gain insight, you do not need validation from any external force; you gain phenomenal personal development and self-love.

Mindful meditation practices are being adopted by corporations, schools, sporting teams and celebrities. At this point in our evolution there is no reason why meditation shouldn’t be used by everyone for the higher good of all. It is more than what you can gain personally; it is about how you view the world and how your thoughts and actions can effect global change.

One of the biggest reasons a lot of people try meditation, but drop out is that in the past “clearing your mind,” was one of the main stipulations to be able to meditate efficiently. Well I and many disagree with that. In modern meditation, you do not need to clear your mind. As a matter of fact I don’t believe you actually can. There is an old saying “the mind is like a drunken monkey jumping from branch to branch.” You cannot clear your mind; it is the mind’s job to think. It would be like asking your body to stop breathing. Hhhmmm not a good idea! The frustration of trying to achieve this state resulted in many people dropping the practice.

Your meditation experience will change from one session to the next, this is a good thing. It is not meant to have the same effect on you every time. We meditate to enhance our lives, not to become good at meditating. Your experiences when meditating are never bad, it’s all as it should be, you will always be gaining what you need, whether that be in a relaxed mind space, a thoughtful one, or one that involves movement.

Remember there is no such thing as perfect. We can only strive to do our best, so don’t get caught up with trying to be the perfect meditator. Gauge your success with meditating as you go, look at how far you have come and discuss any misgivings with your teacher. We are all here to learn, the key is consistency and you will only be consistent if you give yourself praise for what you have already achieved, feel good about yourself and don’t forget your teacher and the group are there to encourage and support.

Have patience, don’t expect instant gratification and then get disappointed if there are no great instant epiphanies. Change will be happening at a deeper level, your subconscious mind and your body’s biology will be experiencing positive effects. Things will start to shift, elevate and strengthen. These shifts don’t always register on a conscious level until much later. Many people do experience immediate benefits, like instant stress relief, or experience solutions or insights to personal challenges. All experiences are unique just like all of us.

There are two very important words that you need to hack when it comes to meditation. “Let Go.” When you let go of anything, stress, control, anger, anxiety, being busy, you surrender, which allows your body to rest. When your body rests it can heal itself. Mastering the art of letting go goes hand in hand with the skill of meditating and again consistency is the key. You will marvel at the feelings you will experience when you learn the art of letting go.

Make a commitment to meditate.  No matter how busy you think you are, schedule in your meditation.  When you realise how much more productive, focused and whole you feel from meditating, it will become a non-negotiable practice. Just like going to the gym consistently to train your body, meditating is like taking your brain (which is a muscle,) to the gym. Consistency gets results. When you stick at it your brain will build the necessary neural pathways and meditation will become an effortless, enjoyable habit, your brain will start craving for the tranquillity and clarity you have achieved by meditating.

So, please know that you can meditate. All you need is a good teacher and or group, an open mind and commitment. (The collective energy of a group is very powerful and will propel you towards your goals at a faster rate. It is also easier to commit when you are part of a supportive group.) Make your meditation experience fun. You will wonder why you didn’t start years ago.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. If you have any questions, or would just like to chat please email me and I will respond as soon as I possibly can.

Warmest wishes

Lynette Hughes

Founder: Mind Mend