Hypnosis and Weight Control:
Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax. Imagine cravings for your favourite food disappearing. See yourself eating only good healthy food. Know that using the power of your mind will help you to be your ideal weight and size. Because guess what? It works!

Through my work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, I hypnotise my clients thin and then watch them get the spring back in their steps. Adding hypnotherapy to your weight control regime is a winner and allows for more permanent results.

You have the answers.  You have everything you need to succeed; it’s about trusting your own abilities. It’s like when you first drove a car…scary, but practice made perfect and now you drive everywhere without giving it a second thought. Weight control is about having the same trust as you do when you get into your car; you drive without even thinking about it.

Believe and achieve. You achieve what you think you can achieve. This even goes for hypnosis; you must believe that it will help you, that you will succeed with your weight control goals.

Your dialogue. Only use positive words to yourself. Eg: “eating healthy food makes me feel fabulous.” “Now I eat the best food, I have so much energy.” Negative, or aversive suggestions like “Eating donuts makes me sick,” does not work, you need to think positively. Write out your own positive mantras.

Imagine it, create it. Athletes do it, visualise themselves winning, you can do the same. Visualise yourself eating healthy food throughout the day; this will put you on the path to becoming a healthy eater. Put a picture of yourself at your ideal weight up where you can see it and see yourself at this size again.

Be aware. Keep a food diary; keep track of everything that passes your lips for a week or two before you start your program. This will raise your awareness of what you actually eat. It is easier to change habits once you are aware of them.

We survive by eating. Nothing will override the survival instinct. We like to think it’s survival of the fittest, but we’re still programmed (in case of famine,) that it’s the ones who eat that survive. Replacing junk food with nutritious food is the answer here.

Keep at it. One workout does not produce the perfect body, the same as one hypnosis session alone will not change your eating habits, but when combined with all the tools you are given and you follow the plan consistently, the key to permanent weight control is yours.

Ooops you mucked up. Even with the best intentions, you may have times where you eat the wrong food types or deviate off your path. Don’t beat yourself up, just look at it as an opportunity to learn and re-evaluate.  Ask yourself why and how it happened and work out a strategy to handle it differently next time. You learn from your mistakes.

Warm slim wishes,


Founder:  Mind Mend