Rapid Transformational Therapy – The Secret to Developing Phenomenal Coping Skills.

With COVID19 sweeping across the globe it can be a time of anxiety, overwhelm and stress for us all. We keep hearing these words more and more. Find out how to deal with these debilitating issues and learn phenomenal coping skills to rapidly transform your life.

Here’s a secret for you that might just change your life…

Everything you feel is the result of these things:

1. The pictures you make in your head.

2. The words you say to yourself.

3. The thoughts you think.

What most people don’t understand is that you have the power to choose better words, thoughts and pictures – not just sometimes, but all the time.

We all talk to ourselves continually and fill our minds with images and thoughts and these are mostly negative and critical.

When it comes to understanding how to deal with these issues, what RTT (rapid transformational therapy) helps you to do is to fill up your mind with better words, images and thoughts and you will consistently get better results.

You mostly can’t control the external forces that influence your life, but you can choose the beliefs, words and mindset so you respond differently to these issues. Don’t expect the worst, expect the best instead.

It’s not meaningless positive thinking, it’s not “too good to be true.” What is true, is that most people go through life not knowing how to deal with anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Ever hear yourself say “I can’t cope,” well transform how you feel by replacing that with “I have phenomenal coping skills.” Say it with conviction, believe it and it will subtly shift your energy.

This isn’t about pretending everything is wonderful, it’s about actively reframing the events of your life to reflect a different, more realistic picture.

Give your mind clear instructions that are relevant to your situation, not some airy fairy “today I saw a butterfly and now I feel better.” Say “I have outstanding coping skills; I can easily deal with this.” Using this technique allows you to control and direct your mind. What you present to your mind, your mind will present back to you.

Taking responsibility for the words, thoughts and pictures in your head is perhaps the biggest thing that separates those who don’t have what they want from those that do. How you feel about the world around you is influenced by choices you are making.

Rapid Transformational Therapy will enable you to rewire your brain, create new neural pathways, so you can live an extraordinary life.

If you reside in or outside of Perth, Western Australia, I conduct online sessions, which are as equally successful as face to face sessions.

Feel free to contact me for further information.

Warmest wishes,

Lynette Hughes

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