Research shows that meditation boosts your health, happiness, success, increases your mindfulness and positiveness, decreases anxiety, stress, depression, pain and much much more.

If you are like me, in my past I have tried to meditate and found it very difficult to still my mind and achieve a level of sereneness, where I felt I was gaining any of the benefits of meditation.

Since becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist, I have learnt about and understand the power of the mind and how crucial it is to have the ability to slow down your brain waves, to get beyond the thinking and analytical mind to create an amazing life.  Meditation does this and together with my skills as a Reiki practitioner (channeling and balancing energy,) I can help you through the practice of meditation to understand that all you are doing is relaxing your body while keeping your mind awake. This allows you to achieve calmness and clarity, which then opens up a world of unlimited possibilities.

Mind, feelings and movement all interact and effect how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Meditation Movement is designed to suit all types of people from beginners to accomplished meditators. I use frequency music which is uplifting and healing, guided meditations that soothe and warm the heart, movement and stretch that allows blocked and built up energy to be released. Together we create a space that is nurturing, healing, friendly and supportive. Meditation like many complimentary therapies has evolved, so if you don’t like to sit still like a rock in an uncomfortable position trying to empty your mind, when all it wants to do is think about stuff. Chant in an unknown language, or partake in some weird breathing technique, you don’t need to, you follow what is comfortable for you.

Just relax and enjoy the journey.

I even conduct classes out in nature (weather permitting.)

If you are lonely, anxious, depressed, unhappy in your job, or with your life in general, feel disconnected from people, or feel that you don’t fit in. Maybe you feel you lack direction, or have issues that are holding you back, or that you are  unproductive. Meditation Movement can be of assistance.

Come join my Meditation Movement, meet like minded people, have a chat, meditate with me, feel the love and support. Clear out your mind, gain perspective and get back in touch with the real you. Feel a sense of connection and grow.

Come on your own, or get a group together. If you have a group that is interested, I can even come to you.

Register your interest, I will contact you to discuss all the options that are available, plus prices, dates and times.