If you live out of the Perth or overseas, Skype (online) sessions are available.

Skype sessions are equally as effective as face to face sessions.

As a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Session allows direct access to the ‘reasons’ we do what we do, behave the way we behave, or suffer the way we suffer, you are saved from searching for “reasons” with hours and hours of traditional therapy. One RTT session (2 hrs) can deliver amazing results. Skype is easy, reliable and perfect for conducting an RTT session.

Sometimes and with some issues, it can take more than one session, but more often than not, one session is adequate. Your time and my time are precious, so over servicing is out of the question.

I email the client pre session and post session information, material and tools which are very beneficial and supportive. The follow up and ongoing support is also done by Skype. With this format the client and I together can achieve amazing results and obtain our objective.

Unlock – Rewire – Be Extraordinary